Sequencing Order Form

Sequencing Order Form

Sequencing Order Form

Sequencing Order Form Instructions

Sequencing Order Form Instructions

Adobe Reader 9 or higher is required to fill and submit order form. Click here to download Adobe Reader. 

To download the Sequencing order form. Right click "Sequencing order form" then click "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

If you are having trouble filling out our form please see our "Sequencing Order Form Instructions".

Please download, complete the form and email it to

Note: Order form must be downloaded and completed then email to It cannot be completed and submitted on the website.


Sample Submission:

0.5mL or 1.5mL tubes must be clearly marked with sample names that correspond to the names provided on the order form. Custom primers should be submitted in separate tubes.

Template DNA samples should be purified (using an Exo1/SAP enzyme clean-up or a column-based PCR purification kit) and resuspended in water (traces of Tris-EDTA and other chemicals can inhibit the sequencing reactions and affect the quality of the sequencing read). The entire sample submitted will be used.

Concentration of sample required:

•    PCR products (<499 bp): 50-100ng/µL
•    PCR products (500-1000 bp): 100-150ng/µL
•    PCR products (>1 kb): 60-180ng/µL
•    Plasmids: 60-180ng/µL

Please submit at least 5µL of sample.

Click here to view the list of in-house primers available to researchers for DNA sequencing orders.

Price List for DNA Sequencing.

For long fragments, we can perform sequencing by primer walking. Please contact us if you have any questions about sample submission requirements, primer design, or pricing.